Any donations that are made to the support group are used entirely for the benefit of the liver patients themselves. As we are a voluntary organisation we rely heavily on these donations and gifts.

Any donations no matter how small would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Making a donation to the support group

To make a donation to the support group you can either send a donation via Paypal by clicking on the Paypal icon below, or if you prefer to send a cheque, please get in touch with us for details.

Our work is on going continually, all donations are used 100% for the benefit of patients during their stay in hospital. For further information about what we have provided with your donations, please see below.

How your donations are used for the patients.


When you are in hospital it is sometimes the little things  that you miss the most, as a group we try and help to provide
finances to purchase sundry items for the patients comfort during their stay in hospital.


When patients are told that they need a Liver Transplant, their world is turned upside down about how they are going to cope with the daunting thought of going through the transplant process, it’s at this time the support group comes into its own,. Supporting the patient and their families going through this very stressful time, for a patient to be able to talk to another transplanted patient and allay any fears that they may have, this is the whole concept of the work of the support group.


The support group produces a booklet about transplanted patients with their own stories, of what it was like for them to go through the transplant process, these stories offer hope and comfort to the patients and give them some constructive help and advice. The patients and families get a great deal of comfort from these stories and give them hope for the future.

Your donation will help to fund this booklet.


Through the generosity of donations, gifts and income raised by the group, the following items and services have been purchased or provided by the group.   

Hair Dryers, Televisions, CD/Radios , Annual donations to refreshments for service of hope and thanksgiving, Fridge – patient Convalescent break – patient B.P.Monitor, Refurbishment of side rooms on East 3  (old QE Hospital)  Donation to 2,000th Liver Celebrations, Digital Voice Recorder, Christmas decorations, Christmas gifts for Liver inpatients, Nurse Study Day, Booklets for patients and Electrical Phlebotomy Chair.

A big thank you to you all, it really does make a difference for the Liver patients.



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