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An insight about our group and the people who run it.

The liver Patients Support Group was founded in 1993, and it was set up by Jackie Shilton. Jackie held an informal meeting in her home for liver patients after being approached by members of the Liver Unit, Chaplain and Nursing staff. As members grew, meetings were later held at the hospital itself to accommodate them all. Presently there are some 20+ members who are very dedicated in offering help and support to patients diagnosed with liver disease, either at our monthly meetings or counselling sessions which are held on the liver ward every Wednesday evening at 7.00pm and at the patient assessment sessions at the hospital every week. If you would like more information please get in touch with either the group or the transplant Co-ordinators at the hospital.

Our members have either had transplants or have been carers for transplanted patients, who have helped nurse them back to good health again. With the backing and full co-operation from the medical staff and Coordinators, we are able to offer our services to other liver patients by exchanging our wealth of knowledge, help and advice of what it was like to have gone through a liver transplant and the remarkable life you are able to lead afterwards. 

The group itself is run entirely on a voluntary basis. We are a registered charity and money that is raised or donated is used entirely for the liver patients at the hospital and the support that we are able to give them. If you would like to make a donation we have included a Paypal account for your convenience.

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We are not able to offer medical advice, that is left to the medical profession. We are just ordinary people that were fortunate enough to have received a liver transplant. But we must not forget the donors and their families, because if it were not for their kind and remarkable gift of an organ none of this would be possible. God bless you all.

October 1993          Support Group first commissioned

February 2007,      The launch date of our website and our booklet for patients.

June 2011                  Volunteers of the year award.

November 2015    Finalist of the best in care awards at the Q.E.

March 2016             Another milestone the support group in our 23rd year in service to patients and their families.

April 2016             Launch of our new and updated website.

We have also published a booklet with real life stories from transplanted patients about their experiences of going through a transplant, this is available (free) if you are admitted for assessment for a liver transplant.

The booklet may also be obtained from this website, although we do ask you for a donation to help cover printing costs and postage etc. please get in touch if you would like a copy. We periodically take part in open days to promote our service within the hospital.

We offer our services free (and in the strictest confidence to comply with Data Protection) and are only to pleased to do so to help other patients, families and carers in need, and to repay back to the hospital  what they have done for us all.

 Liver Support Group Officials

…..derek                                        Alan copy (433 x 600) (2)

    Derek Kendall  Chairman               Alan Hyde  Visitor Coordinator, Secretary,

                                                                                               Publicity & Webmaster.


    Maureen George  Treasurer


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