Ward Visits

The support group visits the liver wards, (726/727) of the NEW QE Hospital every Wednesday evening at 7.00pm. These visits are made available to all patients, carers and relatives that would like to see us. The visits always try to consist of  two transplanted patients and a carer for any possible questions that may be asked.

usesThe visits are usually held around the patients bed or in their room on ward 726 and occasionally on 727 overflow. but private visits can also be made depending on circumstances if the patient requests this. Special meetings with a transplanted patient and their relatives if required can usually be arranged outside of the normal Wednesday evening sessions if required, please get in touch for details or speak to either the Transplant Coordinators or any of the ward staff. This is a good opportunity for you to have a 1 to 1 with a transplanted patient. Please do not be embarrassed to ask any questions that you may want answering. We are a very experienced group! All information is treated in the strictest confidence.

Medical questions about a patients medical condition, operation, medication etc are NOT discussed, this is out of the scope of the support group and must be referred to the medical staff. We are not medically qualified, just patients who were lucky enough to have receive a transplant.

We have a vast array of knowledge and helpful advice, so please make use of our services.

Support and help to patients when they need it most.




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