Badges and booklets are available from the support group, they are available by contacting us on line.
Badges cost £2.00 +p.p, and for the booklets we do ask for a donation for the support group to help cover the cost of the printing etc.

       Liver Support Logo The badge measures 2.4cm∗2cm.  £2.50 including p/p 

crossword 31 oct082This is our second issue, released October 2009 and is currently being updated. The booklet itself takes you through some of our members stories as to what it was like for them to undergo a liver transplant, and the remarkable life that they are now leading. All very inspirational stories, from people of all ages.

This can be very helpful and reasuring  for someone that is having to undergo a transplant. The booklets are also available on the ward for any patient that is in for assessment, please ask the co-ordinators or any member of the medical team on the ward if you would like a copy. We do ask for a donation for this booklet to help pay for future issues, but is free for assessment patients.


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